The stunning Amore Brittany wig is great for those who want a mid length hair style that is easy to look after. The Amore Brittany wig is classic with a contemporary touch, with rich colouring to create a healthy finish.

The cap of an Amore Brittany wig is made using double monofilament – monofilament is known for its hypoallergenic properties – the material is lightweight and breathable, as well as super comfortable. Another advantage of using double monofilament as the base material is that the wearer is able to part the hair wherever they fancy, giving a completely real illusion as well as the appearance of the hairs growing directly out of the scalp.

The Amore Brittany wig features a long side swept fringe, which can be made full as a more square front section as well as beautiful soft curls – overall the Amore Brittany wig has a cool and casual style that is oh so chic.

The Amore Brittany wig can be worn over full or partial hair loss, and has a poly tape strip at the front for extra security.

There are a wide range of synthetic wigs and human hair wigs - all pre-made wigs - all available from our online wig store.

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The Amore Brittany Wig


The above picture shows the Amore Brittany wig, a synthetic wig from the Amore designer wig collection.Here the Amore Brittany wigappears in the colour Copper Glaze. You can buy the Amore Brittany wig & other pre-made wigs from our online wig store.(

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