If you are looking for a short but stylish hair system, the Amore Codi wig is for you. Styled into a long, angled bob, the Amore Codi wig is available in luscious, vitalised colours with a chic choppy finish.

The cap of the Amore Codi wig is made using double monofilament, meaning that the parting of the wig can be wherever the wearer fancies and the illusion of the hair growing directly from the scalp is maintained, and monofilament is also preferred as it is lightweight, ventilated, hypoallergenic and most importantly comfortable.

The Amore Codi wig features a sweeping side fringe of 5” which blends in beautifully to the side layers of the piece, creating a striking and oh so chic silhouette. The long layers of the Amore Codi wig are great to feminise the facial features and soften any strong angles, and the poly tape strip at the front of the Amore Codi wig assures wearers that they won't suffer any slips during use. The Amore Codi wig can be worn to conceal full or partial hair loss.

There are a wide range of synthetic wigs and human hair wigs - all pre-made wigs - all available from our online wig store.

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The Amore Codi Wig


The above picture shows the Amore Codi wig, a synthetic wig from the Amore designer wig collection. Herethe Amore Codi wigappears in the colour Chocolate Frost. You can buy the Amore Codi wig & other pre-made wigs from our online wig store. (www.onlinewigstore.co.uk).

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