The super sleek Amore Erica wig is stylish, with the perfect combination of contemporary and classic touches.

The Amore Erica wig, like the majority of the Amore range, is made using a monofilament base, which means that the hair can be parted in any place and still give the illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp. Another reason why the Amore Erica wig uses monofilament is because such a material allows the wearer optimal comfort; the monofilament base is lightweight, breathable and hypoallergenic, and gives a totally real appearance.

The Amore Erica wig features a full fringe that sits at the same line as the eyebrows, which then blends into the long, super soft side layers. The hair reaches just below the chin with razored layers to create a feathered feel, softening the facial features and overall leaving a much more feminine feel.

To guarantee no slips or detections of the Amore Erica wig, the hair features a poly tape strip at the front. This also allows for the wig to be worn to conceal partial and full hair loss.

There are a wide range of synthetic wigs and human hair wigs - all pre-made wigs - all available from our online wig store.

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The Amore Erica Wig


The above picture shows the Amore Erica wig, a synthetic wig from the Amore designer wig collection. Herethe Amore Erica wigappears in the colour Maple Sugar. You can buy the Amore Erica wig & other pre-made wigs from our online wig store. (

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