A flattering piece for all face shapes, the Amore Samantha wig is a sleek shoulder length hair system that will boost your style into that of high fashion and haute couture. The long fringe of the Amore Samantha wig is swept smoothly to the side with a slight open effect at the edge of the forehead, which then blends in to the smooth layers. The sophisticated flicks at the tips of the Amore Samantha wig allow for natural movement, and the dipped length of the back of the piece allows for the hair to fall softly at the nape of the neck.

The double monofilament base of the Amore Samantha wig means that the wearer is able to part the hair wherever they fancy while the illusion is kept that the hair is growing directly out of the scalp.

The Amore Samantha wig really has been made with the wearer in mind, as the base also features a discreet poly tape strip at the front, meaning that those wearing the hair system, whether it is for no, partial or full hair loss are given full security during use.

For more information on the Amore Samantha wig, call us today on 020 7404 6040.

There are a wide range of synthetic wigs and human hair wigs - all pre-made wigs - all available from our online wig store.

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The Amore Samantha Wig

Amore Samantha Wig

The above picture shows the Amore Samantha wig, a synthetic wig from the Amore designer wig collection.Here the Amore Samantha wigappears in the colour Iced Mocha. You can buy the Amore Samantha wig & other pre-made wigs from our online wig store. (www.onlinewigstore.co.uk).

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