While hair loss in children is less common than in adults, it can be just as frustrating, so at Bloomsbury of London, we spend a substantial amount of time focusing on children's wigs.

Children's wigs are essential to ensure that children maintain their self esteem and confidence around their peers while experiencing hair loss, and, like all of our bespoke hair systems, the child and their family will have full control of just how the wig is produced.

A children's wig is strong and long lasting, and can be worn during more active sports such as swimming and running. The hair system uses lace, polyurethane or monofilament fibres as the base, and we understand that a children's wig should be comfortable and easy to wear. All of the fibres used as the base of our children's wigs are ventilated, lightweight and most importantly, hypoallergenic, preventing chaffing and any other unwanted skin irritations that could arise.

For more information on our beautiful children's wigs, or to book a consultation, call us today on 020 7404 6040. There is also a range of petite pre-made children's wigs available at our Online Wig Store.

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Children's Wigs