What is a Clip-In Hair Piece, and How Do They Work?

A clip-in hair weft, in comparison to a full hair piece or a machine made hair-weft is a small strip of material on to which human or synthetic hair is attached to insert in to the hair – a difference between a clip-in hair weft and a full hair piece is that the clip in, either hand or machine made hair weft is that a clip-in hair weft is much more useful to disguise partial hair loss or areas of thinning, in comparison to a full hair piece, which is generally used for total hair loss.

A machine made hair-weft, as the name suggests, is a hair piece which has been made by hand, in comparison to a hand-tied hair weft which has probably used single knotting to attach the hairs to the hair piece – the difference between how the hairs have been attached to the base of the hand or machine made hair weft will be reflected in the finishing piece.

When producing a bespoke clip-in hair weft, the difference between whether or not it is made by hand or by machine is more important, as those performing the attachments by hand will be able to consider the wearers wants and needs with closer detail than when a machine made hair weft is produced.

Another comparison between a hand or machine made hair weft is the time taken for it to be completed. Understandably, it is much quicker for a machine made hair weft to be produced, whereas single knotting by hand is a much more time consuming task, and could lengthen the time taken to make the hair piece by at least a week.

There isn't much difference between a hand or machine made hair weft to the untrained eye. A clip-in hair weft is the ideal way to conceal areas of thinning or balding by blending in the smaller hair piece with the existing hair to create the illusion of a full and healthy head of hair, and as long as the hair used in the hand or machine made clip-in hair weft is a good blend, the hair piece should be undetectable.

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