Our ethically sourced european hair used in our clip-in and non-surgically attached hair pieces are of the highest quality to make for the perfect hair systems.

We believe that when you are looking for a clip-in hair piece, the key is in the blending – the european hair should be a perfect match to blend in perfectly to the rest of the hair or to the complexion to ensure that the wig or hair piece is totally undetectable.

The european hair used in our clip-in hair pieces is all unprocessed – this means that the hair hasn't been subject to any chemical treatment in order to adjust the natural colour, texture or structure – unprocessed european hair is the most prized hair available as it is in absolutely perfect condition, and is ready to be styled using heated tools such as hair straighteners and curling irons, as the wearer wishes.

In addition to our extensive range of clip-in hair pieces, we also offer a variety of clip-in ponytails using european hair. Again, we ensure that the colour is perfectly matched and blended to allow for optimal results and an unnoticeable finish – clients are welcome to browse through the hair to see which colour and style they would like in their clip-in hair piece.

For more information on european hair, call us today on 020 7404 6040.


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European Clip-In Hair Pieces