Red hair can be tricky. Whilst there is no denying that auburn tones are beautiful and definitely always in fashion, if you are considering going red you must make sure that you pick a shade that suits your skin tone. The array of red wigs available at Bloomsbury Wigs will definitely provide you with a shade that is perfectly suited for you, and thanks to our advise you will know precisely which shade to pick.

The key thing to remember when it comes to red wigs is that a little splash of colour goes a long way. This means that even a slight touch of red can be easily noticed, and there is no need to go over board on the colour. There are a range of highlighted wigs available too for those who are only looking for a small addition of colour.

For natural blondes who are looking for a red wig the key is to keep it pale. Strawberry blonde is ideal as it doesn't overpower pale colouring – so those with lighter skin are able to get away with the red hair too. As long as the strawberry blonde undertone of the red wig isn't too prominent it will look stunning.

Those with darker hair will find their perfect red wig in a slightly deeper shade. The rich auburns and coppers are stunning for those with olive and more tanned skin, and enhance the eyes. Darker hair also compliments and minimises the facial features too.

So, whether you are interested in a highlighted hair piece or a full head of red, visit the beautiful range of red wigs from Bloomsbury Wigs today – you won't be disappointed.

There are a wide range of synthetic wigs and human hair wigs - all pre-made wigs - all available from our online wig store.

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Red Wigs

red avery wig

The above picture shows the Avery wig, a synthetic wig from the Noriko designer wig collection. You can buy the Avery wig & other pre-made wigs in a wide range of colours from our online wig store. (

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