We understand the importance of a teenage wig, and put just as much effort into the production of our beautiful teenage wigs as we do all other pieces.

A teenage wig doesn't need to be boring. As always, the wearer has full control over the way in which the hair system is produced, after being given full details on all of the different materials and styles available.

We would recommend using human hair in a teenage wig, as the wearers are likely to be wearing their hair system more frequently. While synthetic hair is durable and undetectable, human hair can be styled using heated tools such as hair straighteners and curling irons, to give the wearer more variety in the appearance of their hair piece.

Teenage wigs can be made using polyurethane, monofilament or lace as the base, and again, the wearer will be fully informed on the pros and cons of all materials before production. The hairs will either be single knotted through the base or injected before being sealed – both methods producing robust attachments but full styling opportunities, and the appearance of the hairs growing directly from the scalp.

Teenage wigs can be purchased due to hair loss for any reason – all hair pieces are bespoke and made to measure based on a mould being taken of the wearers head, so that an identically shaped membrane can be made which mirrors the lines and contours.

For more information on our teenage wigs, call us today on 020 7404 6040.

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Teenage Wigs